Oct-23-2014 •

"The Parergon (which may have never been played in New York before) proved to be an example of the composer at his most stylish, contrasting a gloomy theme in the basses and low winds with the upward surge of the southpaw piano. In his first New York appearance, British pianist Mark Bebbington proved to be an eloquent soloist, managing the keyboard from both ends with stunning technique and melodism--all using only the left hand. Dr. Botstein drew sweet, round tone from the ASO players, with exemplary work from the horns and brass helping to bring the dark themes of the opening bars into bright sunlight."

Jul-21-2014 •

The New Yorker writes about David Aaron Carpenter, Salomé Chamber Orchestra, and family life in "Musical Gold:Can three ambitious siblings turn old violins into a new investment strategy?" on newsstands now.

Jul-14-2014 •

2014/15 season artists include Avi Avital, Inon Barnatan, Mark Bebbington, David Aaron Carpenter, Ray Chen, Lara Downes, Danny Driver, Jack Liebeck and Raphael Wallfisch

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