'John Axelrod first came to my attention with his mesmerising performance, together with Samuel Pisar, of a reworked Leonard Bernstein Kaddish Symphony. There's something about his conducting that cuts directly to the heart of a piece, allied to a real and profound sensitivity. He is also, though many don't realise it, one of the most quietly influential conductors working today, with many brilliant younger artists under his wing and a slew of important commissions to his name, with the likes of Wolfgang Rihm, Gabriel Prokofiev and Alexandre Desplat.'

James Inverne

Posted: Jul-29-2013
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"The slow movement of Brahms’s Fourth Symphony has the air of walking down a colonnade observing the past" - John Axelrod
Posted: Aug-28-2013
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Posted: Oct-25-2013
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Posted: Aug-28-2013
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