July 2, 2012
Lang Lang Signs for Social Media Strategy

Inverne Price Music Consultancy has signed an exclusive agreement for social networking strategic services with Lang Lang. Arguably the world’s most in-demand pianist, Lang Lang connects with millions of followers across his various online platforms.

“As a musician who has just turned 30, Lang Lang is of his generation – but it’s not only his generation who spend much of their lives communicating through Twitter, Facebook and the rest,” says Inverne Price’s James Inverne, “So many of us now live much of our lives online, and Lang Lang uses these new media channels excitingly to spread the word about the world’s greatest music. And in so doing, he touches millions with his own talent.”

The company will work with Lang Lang and his colleagues at CAMI Music, Sony and elsewhere both on day-to-day interactions and on developing bigger online projects. “There’s so much that Lang Lang can do – I know from our work together when I was editor of Gramophone and brought him in as guest editor for an issue, that his is an incredibly lively mind, and his drive to perform is steered by passion for the music and by his vision to bring that music in interesting ways to as many people as possible. And of course, since I first saw him, at the Verbier Festival, I’ve been a great fan of his playing.”

Driving the collaboration for Inverne Price will be experienced social media specialist Matt Herman, who will be working in close partnership with company co-director Patricia Price, from Inverne Price’s US office. Says Herman, “"Social media is such an exciting and evolving tool for connecting artists with their fans, colleagues and causes. Given his nearly unprecedented global reach and proponence of new technologies, there's no one better to leverage the power of this digital medium than Lang Lang. We're thrilled to help bring Lang Lang's music – and classical music in general – to an even wider audience in engaging and compelling ways."

For any queries please contact James Inverne (james@inverneprice.com, Tel: +44 7870 203181) or Patricia Price (patricia@inverneprice.com, Tel: +1 509 995 5546).

Notes for editors:

Lang Lang is one of the world’s most-admired classical pianists. He regularly performs in many of the most prestigious classical music venues and with most of the major orchestras, from the New York Philharmonic to the Berlin Philharmonic and London Symphony. He has been seen by millions of television viewers performing at events such as the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert and the football World Cup, as well as appearances on The Today Show, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show and 60 Minutes among many others. Lang Lang’s 30th birthday was recently celebrated with a grand concert at the Telefonica O2 Centre in Berlin.

Lang Lang has become the face of numerous global campaigns, and an ambassador for various brands and causes – among them Steinway, Sony Electronics, Telefonica, Volkswagen Group and UNICEF. He records exclusively for Sony Music Entertainment.

Central to Lang Lang’s work are his extensive efforts to bring music to the lives of children. This he does through activities as various as mentoring young talented pianists, performing for children in hospitals, giving recitals in remote communities and to raise awareness of charitable causes. Lang Lang’s charitable efforts led to the launch of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, committed to children and music education. So much effort does Lang Lang pour into this area that, as he noted after the Foundation launch event, “I have taken on a second career!”

Inverne Price Music Consultancy was started earlier this year by former Gramophone editor and Time arts correspondent James Inverne in the UK, together with leading music industry professional Patricia Price (formerly of Allegro Music Group, Executive Director of Portland Piano International) in the US. It provides arts consultancy, PR and full artist management services, all rooted in the artist’s unique vision.

For any queries please contact James Inverne (james@inverneprice.com) or Patricia Price (patricia@inverneprice.com).
For information about Inverne Price Music Consultancy please visit www.inverneprice.com

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