The old Heifetz story goes that the master would be told frequently after concerts, “Maestro, your Stradivari sounds incredible.” In response, he would open up his case, bring his violin to his ear, shrug, and quip, “I don’t hear anything!” Though this comedic response has become a joke among many prominent soloists, the reality remains the same—there is a fundamental misunderstanding among musicians and music lovers alike as to what produces sound and, by extension, what is to be lauded.


Pianist Mark Bebbington brings a nice balance of swagger and thoughtfulness to this all-Gershwin programme.


Rolland’s career is multifaceted: traditional bow making entwined with contemporary art, innovation, and education. Rolland penned this feature to commemorate the making of his 1,500th and 1,515th signed bows. The process, though exacting, is revealed to be as much poetry as it is motion.


Bebbington’s brilliant virtuosity makes the cadenza glow and that heart-warming tune is tenderly sung. The Bebbington/Botstein Variations on ‘I Got Rhythm’ are joyous too. Elated, the music skips, hops and leaps merrily through sparkling syncopations - and dreams romantically.


Mark Bebbington, best-known for his much-acclaimed recordings of British music on SOMM, takes a leap across the Atlantic this month to bring his refined yet expressive style to a spectacular all-Gershwin CD, alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Grammy Award-nominated American conductor Leon Botstein.


In addition to the great lessons I have received from cellists throughout the course of my musical education, I have also been consistently challenged by players of other instruments.

BBC Radio 3 In Tune

Anne Akiko Meyers performed Arvo Pärt's "Spiegel im Spiegel' and Bach's "Air" from Orchestral Suite No.3 in D major on BBC Radio 3 In Tune and talked with Suzy Klein about her new recording, broken foot, and Vieuxtemps Guarneri.


For a string player, a great instrument is only half the equipment battle. A phenomenal bow is the other half, providing finesse, tone, and various articulations.

MacArthur-winning bow maker Benoit Rolland posed for a portrait in his home studio in Watertown.

“It’s just amazing,” says Lowe, the BSO concertmaster. “Some people look at a note or phrase of music on the printed page and ask, ‘Oh, how does it do that to my heart?’ For me, it’s the same thing, but I look at a tree and think, ‘How does Benoit turn this into a bow?’ ”


It wasn't quite Little Coachella in Little Tokyo. But as if out of nowhere, more than 1,000 hip-hop fans, some wearing Kanye West T-shirts, descended on the Aratani Theatre. A few had arrived as early as noon on Saturday and waited in the hot sun for a 7:30 p.m. concert.

The violinist Anne Akiko Meyers, keeping a tight grasp on her instrument. Meyers played two concerts in DC with a broken foot this past weekend.

“Break a leg” and “the show must go on” are among the most overused injunctions in the performing arts. On Friday, Anne Akiko Meyers joined the lists of performers who have obeyed both.


The Young Musicians Foundation Debut Orchestra, led by conductor Yuga Cohler and composer Stephen Feigenbaum, is bringing hip-hop and classical music together.


The international renowned Grand Teton Music Festival springs up each year in one of the earth's most beautiful and awe-inspiring landscapes, as Oliver Condy discovers.


While conducting schools and academies still turn out the greatest number of new conductors, there is an accelerating trend among young virtuoso string players to leapfrog the traditional process on their way to the podium.


Twenty-four hours in which every note of music played on the network will have been written by a female composer could not have happened even ten years ago, explains the conductor Jessica Cottis.


The Preview is a prestigious showcase of talented conductors poised for music directorships and staff conducting positions of American orchestras.


How Billie Holiday showed Lara Downes the beauty in hardship.

Maxim Vengerov performed the “Butterfly Lovers Concerto” with Long Yu conducting the New York Philharmonic Tuesday night.

The Philharmonic played brilliantly, sounding secure and powerful under Long Yu’s baton, and the performance of the solo part by the Philharmonic’s principal harpist, Nancy Allen, was exquisite.

Opera singer Renee Fleming will return to the Aspen Music Festival this summer.

The Aspen Music Festival’s 2016 summer season will include 7 1/2 weeks of programming with more than 400 events and concerts running June 30 to Aug. 21.


Conductor Jessica Cottis has recorded a symphony commemorating the centenary of a campaign that brought together three nations.

Julian Rachlin played like a wild man, in a good way, in the Shostakovich first violin concerto with the Orchestre National de France on Sunday afternoon.

"And when Rachlin got going into the final cadenza, he became a wild thing, a kind of inspired mad scientist in a monologue both profound and terrifying..."

The Royal Concert Hall

"There was certainly nothing second-best about [Mark Bebbington's] performance of a programme that had plenty of drama and virtuosity."

Cottis: getting with the now

Edited text of the leading young conductor's keynote speech at the 2015 British Composer Awards.


In September, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra announced the launch of the large-scale competition, which will offer $100,000 to the first-prize winner, making it the single largest monetary award for a violin competition.


After conducting the world premiere in Istanbul, the fast-rising young conductor last night conducted the Queensland Symphony Orchestra to play a musical remembrance between former enemies, in Brisbane.


The Sphinx Organization announces Lara Downes as a recipient of the 2016 Medal of Excellence and $50,000 Artist Grant.


Lang Lang was named one of GQ's "Men of the Year" for his active and innovative social media presence.


Following a series of successful recordings, Sarah Fox takes a lead role in Mozart's masterpiece.


Nimrod Borenstein's score for Gandini's juggling ballet recorded by the Solaire label.

Yu has multiple roles in China's musical world, including principal guest conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Maestro Yu who recently set up Shanghai Orchestra Academy to receive prestigious prize from Atlantic Council next week alongside Henry Kissinger, Mario Draghi and Colombia's president.

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